VIII Adaptive Manufacturing Forum

Adaptuj się do zmiennych warunków produkcyjnych. Dostosuj się, aby przetrwać!

26-27 września 2019 , Warsaw


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Conference moderator

Damian Baldysz Damian Baldysz, Managing Director, VIRTU

Registration, morning coffee
Opening of the Forum, networking game

Damian Baldysz Damian Baldysz, Managing Director, VIRTU

Agnieszka Strzępka Agnieszka Strzępka, Conference Producer, Blue Business Media

Leadership and employee development in lean spirit

The Toyota way of improvement

Matthias Bingel Matthias Bingel, Regional Manager & Senior TPS Advisor, Toyota Lean Academy, Toyota Material Handling Europe

  • Brief overview Toyota Way and TPS
  • Dantotsu project on Quality at our Swedish plant
  • Digitalization
  • Future development of Lean
Long and short term planning of employee development as a way to master key competences.

Grzegorz Wójtowicz Grzegorz Wójtowicz, Quality Control Director / Environmental Protection Agent, ABM Greiffenberger Poland

Paweł Sawicki Paweł Sawicki, Constant Improvement Director, ABM Greiffenberger Poland

  • Type of production vs. availability of resources and introducing culture of constant improvement in ABM Greiffenberger
  • Sequence of implementation of ideas to create a long term employee improvement system and problems occurring during implementation.
  • Effects of implementation of change in a company and direction in which we should progress
YOKOTEN – How to save money according to Toyota philosophy?- or in other words the adventure of introducing lean in Zakłady Mięsne Skiba

Sylwia Skiba Sylwia Skiba, Zakłady Mięsne SKIBA


Mark Forkun Mark Forkun, Lean Leadership Practitioner, Board Member, Business Consultant, GNOSIS BUSINESS SOLUTIONS akredytowany przez Lean Leadership Way Institute

  • Visualizing the stream of values by the production plant according to Constant Improvement Programme
  • Stand- up meetings at the board – measurements and PAP
  • Engagement of departments supporting the main stream of values – purchasing, transport, planning, sales, maintenance
Coffee break
Caring Leadership in a VUCA economical context

Arturo Galvan Arturo Galvan, Factory Manager, Nestlé Germany Hamburg Chocolate Factory

  • Impact of the VUCA World in the FMCG economical context
  • Challenges in factories of big corporations
  • How to counterbalance VUCA with Caring Leadership
Human resources management in the light of economic changes

Andżelika Majewska Andżelika Majewska, Vice President of the Board, LeasingTeam Group

  • Positive and negative economy changes influencing the strategy of human resources management
  • Economy crisis 2009 – we learn through mistakes of others
  • Efficient management of human resources- main conclusions

Robotization and automation – innovative approach to production processes

How to prepare factory for a automation of the future: history of a family company : market pressure- “ more, faster, cheaper” paired with quality of work- or the beginnings of automation in Werner Kenkel

Maciej Słoma Maciej Słoma, Managing Director, Werner Kenkel

Łukasz Sęczkowski Łukasz Sęczkowski, Process Optimization Engineer, Werner Kenkel

  • New factory – plan all well, invest, implement- how to predict the unpredictable
  • How to prepare the team for new technologies
4A (Adaptive, Automatic, Agile, Autonomous ) or agile production with a revolution in the background

Michał Łopata Michał Łopata, Leader of Strategic Branch FMCG, ASTOR





Session moderator

Damian Baldysz Damian Baldysz, Managing Director, VIRTU

Influence of automation on employees – how to prepare and what to be prepared for?

Maciej Obuchowski Maciej Obuchowski, Process Automation Product Manager, Arla Foods

  • Technological unemployment – is the fear of looking a job valid?
  • Automatization in Arla Foods – success, failure – what have we learned?
  • How to make staff the greatest engine of automation?
„HR all inclusive”, or the speed of recruitment and new technologies as the pillars of growth of a modern production company

Andrzej Korkus Andrzej Korkus, President, EWL S.A.

  • Flexibility in times of changes – how to take care of the needs of employees quick and comfortably?
  • Happy employee means profit for the company – or how a all-round HR process ( from looking for a candidate up to introduction into production and leadership in a company) )changes the market)
  • Automatization and digitalization of employee management processes – how to achieve competitive advantage through technology


Session moderator

Dawid Majchrzak Dawid Majchrzak, Project Director, Hilding Anders Poland

MES – choice of system, implementation, benefits

Arkadiusz Dziedzic Arkadiusz Dziedzic, Project Director, Borg Automotive

    MES – choice of system, implementation, benefits: how to use data to improve efficiency of production processes?

  • Beginning of the project with the vision of the end
  • Do you think of MES implementation as a win-win situation?
    Data analysis- a way to improve efficiency of the whole production line?

  • Who is the data for?
  • Does data synergy in a company exist?
Time to end with party logic- or how the flow of materials creates a company

Dawid Majchrzak Dawid Majchrzak, Project Director, Hilding Anders Poland

  • How the flow of materials influences the productivity and effectiveness of the whole company?
  • How much does logistics within company costs?
  • What is the best quantity of transport unit?
  • How to plan flow of materials?
Coffee break

16:00 - 17:00 WORKSHOP SESSION

Workshop: YOKOTEN rules for management. On the basis of Toyota Way- Constant Improvement Program in Poland

Mark Forkun Mark Forkun, Lean Leadership Practitioner, Board Member, Business Consultant, GNOSIS BUSINESS SOLUTIONS akredytowany przez Lean Leadership Way Institute

    11 rules for management used in PCD

  • Each workshop participant may run a test of understanding and implementing the 11 rules and receive a mark from Certified Sensei Institute Lever 4 Master Lean leadership Way Institute.
  • Workshop is created for management level , advanced in lean and willing to hear and learn about lean straight from the source of its origin
  • Person implementing Yokoten is obliged to practice and promote its rules as certified Master Lean Leadership Way, Level 4, of Lean Leadership Way Institute.
Speed of recruitment and innovations in HR Tech as the basis of growth of production company

Mikołaj Tarnawski Mikołaj Tarnawski, CEO, HRFACTORY.PL

    In the workshop you will learn:

  • To recognize the motivations of your future production employees
  • You will learn that recruitment is not a sole problem of HR Department and what consequences it has
  • You will learn how modern HR Tech tools speed up recruitment of the right production employees and what is c crowdsourcing in recruitment
  • You will learn to use intelligent crowdsourcing model step by step
LEAN GAME Business simulation game based on a scenario of a fictitious company providing it clients with products/services in a given time , scope and of a given quality. Beside the main part ( simulation) the game gives the participants context of work with a process, basics of lean management and enables understanding of value of looking at the process from a larger perspective ( not just given departments).

Dawid Pyszniak Dawid Pyszniak, CEO, COMPASS & PARTNERS

Cocktail – excellent occasion to network
End of the first day of Forum

Conference moderator

Damian Baldysz Damian Baldysz, Managing Director, VIRTU

Registration, morning coffee
Opening of the Forum, networking game

Agnieszka Strzępka Agnieszka Strzępka, Conference Producer, Blue Business Media

Damian Baldysz Damian Baldysz, Managing Director, VIRTU

Inspiration outside of the production world

Waldemar Skrzypczak Waldemar Skrzypczak, Polish Military Officer, former Lieutenant General of the Polish Armed Forces, former Ground Forces Commander

Production planning and operational perfection

Lincoln don`t crack... Meanders of cause and effect analysis

Damian Baldysz Damian Baldysz, Managing Director, VIRTU

  • When you name a problem you will solve it
  • „every drunkard is a thief” – definition with a thesis and its consequences
  • Road through shortcuts –irresistible temptation to save time
How to manage production team and not to go crazy

Katarzyna Jaśniewicz Katarzyna Jaśniewicz, Product Manager TETA HR, Unit4 Polska

  • Does managing the production team have to be strenuous and stressful?
  • How to cope with current lack of human resources?
  • Good practices in implementation of digitalization processes
Coffee break
Production worker - expert in „Continuous Improvement”

Monika Drabek Monika Drabek, Manufacturing Manager, Upfield

Ireneusz Matuszak Ireneusz Matuszak, Szef Planowania Materiałowego dla Europejskiego Łańcuch Dostaw, Unilever Polska Services

  • Gemba, Gembutsu –production worker as a witness to production problems
  • Trust, check – automation of reporting systems and understanding of production losses as well as the role of experts
  • Nothing About us without us – production team as an irreplaceable member of Kazien teams and the greatest beneficiary of the implemented improvements
Improvement of production effectiveness – how to see and use opportunities on the basis of operational transformation in Teva- Case Study

Agnieszka Łubkowska Agnieszka Łubkowska, Production Director, Teva Operations Poland

  • How we managed to reach 60% growth on different indicators
  • Why is engagement of people during the process so difficult and how we managed it?
  • Changes, changes and then? How to maintain implemented changes and continue the improvement process




Session moderator

Damian Baldysz Damian Baldysz, Managing Director, VIRTU

Monitoring stoppage - as a way to increase productivity line of the whole production line

Edyta Klejps Edyta Klejps, Area Manager G.D, British American Tobacco Poland

  • Losses tree – learn about your line before you start the war for better productivity
  • Micro or macro stoppage? –what to attack
  • Machine speed – why optimal does not mean maximum and what does it have to do with micro stoppage?
  • How to build team responsibility for the productivity of the production line
Standardization of processes on the basis of  Good Food Products  – how to effectively standardise processes to maintain involvement of employees in VUCA era.

Marcin Byrwa Marcin Byrwa, Production Director, Good Food

  • How to prepare standardization of processes in an organization employing Ukrainian and Polish workers
  • How to manage both financial aspects and the growing expectations of workers
  • Effects of conscious process approach to process standardization
There's no good idea that can't be improved on. " M. Eisner (The Walt Disney Company) – how we implement lean without lean and what we gained by eliminating losses? - case study on the basis of Clarena cosmetics

Sylwia Kłodzińska-Żygadło Sylwia Kłodzińska-Żygadło, Production Director, Clarena

  • How to improve efficiency by improving processes of manual packaging or by automatization of those processes?
  • Examples of identified loses in production and ways to remove them on given examples


Session moderator

Dawid Majchrzak Dawid Majchrzak, Project Director, Hilding Anders Poland

Optimising of Energy usage on he basis of Lamela Company

Michał Modrzejewski Michał Modrzejewski, Technical and Production Director, Lamela Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.

  • What have we managed in terms of Energy saving over the past 10 years?
  • Where do we find wastefulness and how to inform about it?
  • Our activities aiming at energy saving
Increasing efficiency of production processes by optimizing test post which are in fact bottlenecks

Zbigniew Maćkiewicz Zbigniew Maćkiewicz, Production Director, WABCO

Ewa Lizak Ewa Lizak, Dyrektor Jakości, WABCO Polska

  • What is a bottleneck?
  • Why machine should be a bottle neck?
  • Methods of reduction of time of bottleneck on the basis of test post optimisation
  • Risks resulting from implemented methods
Beginning of digitalization in a production company on the basis of UDS

Dr Łukasz Dekier Dr Łukasz Dekier, Partner, ASD Consulting

Mariusz Dziopa Mariusz Dziopa, Managing Director, UDS

  • How to solve the problem of lacking data to efficiently manage production?
  • How to start work with data in a production company?
  • Is it possible to grow without relevant data?
Practical aspects of implementation of improvements and creating the culture of production excellence in Ruukki Polska

Łukasz Zakrzewski Łukasz Zakrzewski, Managing Director, Ruukki Polska

Marcin Remisz Marcin Remisz, Production Director, Ruukki Polska

  • Tools used to analyse data and search of areas to be improved
  • Practical issues of data analysis that allow to increase efficiency
End of the Forum